Lego airport

A few weeks ago I surprised Thom with the Ken and Barbie dolls from the cute Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation short that ran before Cars 2. They look great (even still in their box) on our tiki bar. While I was at Toys “R” Us, I wandered over to the Lego section, where the items were “buy one, get one half-off.” How could I resist?

For Thom I got a Kingdom castle set, and for me the City airport! I can’t remember the last time, if ever, I bought Lego for myself. As a kid I think I had just plain Lego blocks; that was kind of it. Thom, however, has been putting together several themed sets over the years.

A couple of weekends ago we unpacked the sets in the family room and had a fun afternoon building our respective little worlds. One end of the coffee table was his medieval stronghold and the other was my aviation hub. Here are some photos of the airport, yet to be named. What do you think, the Henry Doelger Daly City-Westlake District Airport, a.k.a. Doelger Field? (OK, maybe only you fellow Daly Citizens will get that.)

I’m hoping to get more of the related airport sets in the future (including an additional, smaller plane), and even some of the other City sets, like the public transport one. Light rail to the airport! Soon I’ll have a bustling metropolis. Also yet to be named.

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