Next stop…

Last night I dreamed that Thom and I were watching a Christmas movie and trying to identify it.

Me: I think it’s The Polar Express.
Thom: [sarcastically] The tenth one.
Me: [in kind] Polar Express 10: The Reckoning.

Wow, our dream selves can be kind of snarky.

Anyway, apparently I said the word reckoning aloud in my sleep, waking myself up as well as Thom. I immediately explained the dream to him, since I guess having your partner in bed next to you suddenly say reckoning in their sleep would be a bit disturbing. Ha!

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Early in my relationship with Matt, I woke him up by saying in my sleep, very insistently, “Robotic Jesus on the Cross!”

I was dreaming about a robot Jesus on a cross. Matt was very startled.

I love the title. Better than any sequel that’s a “2” gets “Electric Boogaloo” attached in my head.

And yes, now that you mention it, I suppose the word “reckoning” could be reason for concern! 🙂

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