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Pie project: Blackberry cobbler pie

Back to the pies! For June I reprised the chicken pot pie I had made for May, but this time using the familiar Cook’s Illustrated recipe for the crust. Much better (though more time-consuming of course) than store-bought puff pastry or pie shells.

For July, as usual I waited until the end of the month and it was just as well, since July 31 is Thom’s birthday. He wanted a berry pie, and I remembered that a few weeks earlier we had had lunch at Shari’s, where I picked up a recipe card for blackberry cobbler pie. Perfect!

The main ingredients of the filling are cooked-down blackberry jam and fresh blackberries. I also mixed in some frozen blackberries (thawed and drained).

Blackberry cobbler pie

And again I used Cook’s Illustrated for the crust. I blind-baked it, added the filling, and baked for about thirty minutes. Then I added the cobbler topping, and the pie went back into the oven for about ten more minutes. Et voilà!

Blackberry cobbler pie

Can you tell I enjoy taking pictures of food almost as much as I do cooking and eating it?

I will say it wasn’t completely perfect right off the bat. Maybe I should have let it cool longer and set up more (and/or used more cornstarch or all fresh rather than some frozen blackberries), but the filling from first slices was pretty thin. The next day, after sitting in the fridge overnight, it was much better. Also, this pie is sweet! A bit too much so. Since there is no added sugar, it all depends on the jam you use, and boy, is Smuckers sweet. If I were to make it again, I think I’d try to survey different jams to help gauge the final product.

These photos and more are in my Flickr set “Adventures in pie-making.” I don’t have any final ideas for August’s pie yet, but the gears are turning!

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Wow, that looks terrific. I just got a rolling pin for my birthday, so I’m thinking I’m going to have to start working on pies. You know, just so I can break the rolling pin in. Not because I love pie. No… not at all. ‘Scuse me, gotta go drain the drool out of my keyboard.

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