Arlington, fo’ shizzle

I came across this Remy video today about Arlington, Virginia, and had to laugh:

Thom and I lived off Columbia Pike, so our closest Metro station was Pentagon City, but I totally remember all those places in Clarendon (“Clizzle dizzle”?) and Ballston. Funny stuff.

Speaking of Arlington, a few months ago a Flickr photo of mine (of an “I Voted in Arlington” sticker, from about four years ago) was used as part of the cover of this year’s Arlington County Profile, an annual publication of the county planning department. A staff demographer had contacted me about using the photo, and I said sure. She recently sent me a copy in the mail (PDF available). Neat!

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This is hilarious! My “part-time boyfriend” lives in Clarendon – the one thing he doesn’t rap about is bending down to check your shoes and then finding your car towed!

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