‘Up,’ up, and away to Paradise Falls

Last Friday night Thom and I met up at Westfield to see Up in 3D. I loved it! This may be a movie I’ll go see again in the theater, which is rare for me. The trailers only give a hint of the story and the motivations, so I was completely taken in (or, yes, carried away) by the movie and didn’t know where it would go next. It’s funny, moving, poignant, all that. I am dying here trying not to give too much away!

Also I totally love the look, especially since several scenes blended two things I love, mid-century style and travel. You have to go see it!

One more thing: Doesn’t this movie just beg for a Disneyland ride? Or retool and re-theme Soarin’ over California into something like Mr. Fredricksen’s Aerial Adventure?

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