Nothing of note in Jeffland today. My domestic achievement was dusting the ceiling fan. Now I’ll watch Alias, and call it a night.

Wait, I just saw a commercial: Barbara Walters is interviewing Justin Timberlake on 20/20. Yikes. Ah, and that holiday “happy life” commercial for Target is on now. Swank.

4 Replies to “Blah”

  1. Haha. Oh, that reminds me: remember the SNL season-opener sketch with Matt Damon as Justin Timberlake, doing the dance-off with Britney Spears? That was hilarious.

  2. HA… yes. That was classic.

    I’m so watching 20/20 tonight, it isn’t even funny.

    We all have issues that need to be dealt with, but they’ll just have to wait until after the show. 😉


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