Work and play

This morning after an intense bout of channel-surfing, I was finally lulled into watching more Blue’s Clues than any twenty-five-year-old should comfortably admit to. I roused myself out of my groggy state and went to the office to work for a few uneventful hours. Then I decided to see Punch-Drunk Love at the Bethesda Row theater… but when I got there, the place was swarming with people. Not only was Punch-Drunk Love sold out, but also every other movie I would have settled on seeing instead. I should have known. The only other times I’ve gone to this theater have been on less-crowded weeknights or weekend mid-afternoons, and so I’d gotten used to sauntering in a few minutes before showtime. Anyway, I didn’t want to wait until the next showing, so I just went home. On the way, though, I stopped at Fresh Fields, and got some food, including curried pumpkin and apple soup. Mmm. I’m all set for Saturday Night Live, with guest host Eric McCormack!

Oh, and speaking of movies, Lawrence of Arabia has been remastered for its fortieth anniversary, and is now playing on the big screen at the Uptown. It’s on my to-see list.

Get outta town. Over Veteran’s Day weekend, I’ll be in California to see some of my Stanford friends, or to use an informal Tagalog word I like, barkada. It basically means “friends,” but implies a small, close group. “Peeps,” if you will. And that Sunday is my dad’s birthday, so it’ll be a fun-filled weekend all around.

The weekend after that, Susan and Kesha will be in New York City, so I may just have to pop on up there, to meet up for lunch and shopping.

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