Easter Sunday in Half Moon Bay

We had a nice Easter Sunday afternoon in Half Moon Bay with my mom, and my aunt and her family. For lunch we ate at It’s Italia, a (you guessed it) Italian restaurant. It was pretty good for the most part, but the major thing was that their oven (or something like that) wasn’t working, so we basically couldn’t have any pizza or pasta dishes. Eep. It turned out OK, since there were still panini, which we all enjoyed. (See my Yelp review.)

Afterwards we got some hot drinks at Half Moon Bay Coffee Company and went to the beach. The coffee definitely helped counter the brisk, windy weather. There was a fair number of people out picnicking and enjoying the park and beach. Here’s a short video I made, with my cousin’s son at the end; pardon the cheesy slo-mo, but I just had to try it out since variable speed is new in iMovie ’09:

The drive down Highway 1 is so pretty and Half Moon Bay has a bunch of cool little restaurants, but I often forget how close it is, only about twenty miles from Daly City. We definitely need to go down there more often (in addition to the pumpkin festival!).

Park Chalet

Last Sunday Thom and I ended up having an impromptu afternoon at a few westside San Francisco spots. We were looking for a place to have brunch, and we decided on the Park Chalet, which is just behind its more visible sibling, the Beach Chalet, on Great Highway. They have a buffet brunch on Sundays; I think my favorite thing was the crème brûlée french toast, yum.

Afterward we went across the street to Ocean Beach and walked around for a bit, then drove up to the Legion of Honor museum, where we happened to arrive just as the weekly organ concert was starting. All great sights, so that means another video! And a few additional photos (map) are up on Flickr.

When I tested the video with my focus group, i.e., Thom, he said the music for the Ocean Beach segment was “very 90210.” Ha!