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I’ve been tinkering under the blog hood (more than actually writing posts, as you can tell lately), and am trying out a WordPress plugin called Wordbooker. At first I was just looking for a plugin to automatically post a link on Facebook when I write a blog post, which this does, but it also can push blog comments to Facebook and pull Facebook comments to the blog, thus keeping them in sync periodically, in either or both directions as one pleases. It can even place Facebook “like” and “share” buttons in posts; I don’t know how useful those will be for this personal and infrequently updated blog, but we’ll see.

At some point last year I quietly installed some other bells and whistles… one is this theme by WooThemes called Bueno, and another is fonts by Typekit. Yay, typography. Also noteworthy is a nifty plugin called WPtouch, which transforms my blog into a pared-down, faster-loading format for smartphones. You’ll see this if you’re visiting on an iPhone, Android phone, BlackBerry, and so forth. I like this plugin so much that I shelled out for the paid version, WPtouch Pro, which among other things includes support for iPad.

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    1. @David: So it turns out that WPtouch indeed only supports touchscreen devices. I guess that does leave many Blackberry models out of the loop. (I may get around to re-activating another plugin I had for general mobile optimization, which would fill in the gap for other devices.)

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