Coyote Point

A couple of weekends ago we had some gorgeous weather, so Thom and I decided to go out in the afternoon. We had brunch at Nini’s, which was recommended to us by Espie. It’s a old-school coffee shop tucked away in a residential area of San Mateo. We’d heard good things, and Nini’s didn’t disappoint. I had an omelette and especially liked the home fries.

Here’s a quick video from the counter.

I love Thom’s expression. He’s like, “Are you recording?!” Oh, I kid. He’s such a ham. (Mmm, ham.) And apparently I cannot put together a video without adding stock music.

Afterward we went to Coyote Point, the park in San Mateo that faces the bay and has a scenic vantage point for planes approaching SFO. Here’s another video, but first, a production note. I totally replaced the sound in the last few shots with sound effects from iMovie: jet flybys (because we had been talking inadvertently during that shot), and seagulls and waves (since the original sound was pretty weak). Though, it’s kind of funny; you see one seagull, but the sound effect is a whole flock. Ah, the birds! The invisible birds!

Other photos are up on Flickr.

We wrapped up the day with a trip to the nearby Peninsula Humane Society (which is where we adopted Tiki and Mojo over a year ago now) and had a nice time visiting with the animals. So cute.

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  1. Love that one of the marina…I am in cold Canada…nice to see that not everything in this world is covered with snow! Good videos!

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