Master of my domain

Today I inaugurate a new domain name for my blog: I’ve been wanting to use my name for my domain and so registered it a long while ago. I used to be more wary of putting my full name out there on the interwebs, but I’ve already started down that path with some social networks and other sites, so I might as well do so here. And this way I can be as fickle as I want in changing the blog title, but the URL will always be me. (Me, me, me.)

But “I love Rebel Prince,” you say. Believe me, I’ve had that domain for over seven years now, so it’s definitely a home. I love the Rebel Prince name (Rufus!) and will use it here … for now. The old site’s archives will continue to work and coexist as a sort of website emeritus during the transition, but eventually I will redirect the site. The old RSS feed now uses the new site’s source feed, so nothing will break for you feed readers, but if you want to be all tidy and future-proof against my website whims, please use the new feed.

As if that weren’t enough change, I also decided to try out WordPress. My web hosting is on Dreamhost, and WordPress is one of their “one-click” installs. That was a breeze, and though WordPress is a different animal from Movable Type, I’m finding my way around pretty easily.

So that’s that. Soon it’ll be time to turn on the TV and enjoy today’s real inauguration.

5 Replies to “Master of my domain”

  1. My name is common enough (at least among the tech-crowd) such that my desired domain name is long gone. Someone is squatting on the name with a bare bones page that hasn’t been updated in years.

  2. And now you can sell that domain back to Rufus. For money? For something else?

    I’ve had my domain forever it seems, but it didn’t occur to me until this year to stop renewing it every year and just pay for 20 years upfront. I mean, I’m not planning on changing my name anytime soon.

  3. Thanks, folks! Yeah, this is an instance where my uncommon (last) name was actually handy.

    Heh, Gene, that reminds me that a while back, the band Beautiful South had put my URL in their CD liner notes to accompany their cover of the song “Rebel Prince.” I am baffled to this day.

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