As the page turns

DALY CITY, CALIF. — Today my mom and I stayed home. It reminded me a bit of childhood days spent at home for summer vacation, when time stretches and yawns before you like a lazy cat. I finished The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. Wow. This is definitely a Great American Novel. It’s sweeping and almost epic, and deals with coming to America (New York in the 1930s, no less) with a comic-book dream, striving to realize it, dealing with both disappointments and triumphs, and so forth. It has a few tedious and wandering passages, but on the whole I liked it a lot. I think it would make a good movie, and I’m pleased to read on Michael Chabon’s website that the book is being adapted for Paramount Pictures, with Sydney Pollack as director. The next book I may take on is Yann Martel’s The Life of Pi, recent winner of the Booker Prize.

Leavin’ on a jet plane. Late tonight I leave on the red-eye to D.C. with an obligatory layover in Newark, N.J. — but not before I get to Jack in the Box and have a tasty Sourdough Jack and seasoned curly fries — and it’s back to work, and a dentist’s appointment tomorrow. I know, exciting. But unlike the traveler in the song to which I allude, I do know when I’ll be back again: Thanksgiving, in about two weeks.

Up and away!

4 Replies to “As the page turns”

  1. Jeff: “Excuse me, I asked like 15 minutes ago… Could I PLEASE get another three packets of dry roasted peanuts!!”

    Flight attendant: “I’m sorry, Mr T*****, we are only allowed to issue a maximum of 23 complimentary packets of dry roasted peanuts per passenger on a domestic flight, and we will have to charge you for the four packs of playing cards.”

  2. Ahh, indeed, Nate. Whither the golden age of travel, in which a gentleman could expect nothing less than a civilised and genteel experience? “Holtgrieve, do bring the car ’round for the steamer trunks and hat boxes… and don’t forget the cucumber sandwiches!”

  3. Ah, hurrah for our magical, mythical Holtgrieve! Seriously, you can send Holtgrieve around to my place *any* time you want. With or without the cucumber sandwiches, steamer trunks, etc. If you catch my drift.

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