Reporting from London

LONDON, UK — This is just a quick post to say that we arrived in London safe and sound early this morning. (I still can’t believe we’re really here!) Today the weather was surprisingly pleasant and perfect for sightseeing, so once we got into town we spent the morning walking around and taking in a few of the iconic sights, like Buckingham Palace.

At the palace

I’ll be uploading photos to my London set on Flickr whenever I get the chance. For now, it’s almost 1 a.m. here, and time to rest up for more sightseeing and a couple of West End musicals tomorrow!

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Ahh! I hope you come back a crazy Anglophile! I am so jealous, in a good way. Have a great time and have a nice cup of tea for me…

PS: Get yourself a Lion Bar (candy bar)- they are delish.

I find that there’s little I find more amusing than looking at pictures or videos and saying, “hey! I stood right where that picture was taken!”

Woo-hoo! You two look so happy…and (dare I say?) business-class fabulous!

I love the picture of the Union Jack flying above parliament! If you happen to stroll by the Inns of Court and run into Mark Darcy, please wrap him up and DHL him to me straight away.

Rajani 🙂

So glad to see you made it there! Great pix and looks like you are having fun too, nice shot of the both of you.

Cheerio, God Save the Queen, etc, etc! 😉

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